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Reveel - Project 2

Generative research to understand  behavior and pain-points associated with File sharing + Design outcomes

Role: User Research, Strategy and Design




Reveel is an all-in-one music business app that allows musicians to keep track of credits and metadata for their music projects. At its inception, it was conceived as a product that would solely help with musicians getting credited and paid, for collaborative work. In response to the pandemic when remote work became the norm, communication and progress tracking features were included that made remote collaboration easier. 



Research Plan


Adrien Stern,​ CEO and co-founder of Reveel

Walid van Boetzaeler, CTO and co-founder of Reveel

Stakeholder goals

  • To determine how file sharing would fit into Reveel

  • To understand the minimum requirements for file sharing that would add value to users

User-specific Research questions

  • How, when and why do users share files?

  • What do users expect from file sharing services?

  • What are the challenges related to file sharing?

Research Methodology

  • Generative research to understand behavior, expectations and pain-points through 30 minute moderated, semi-structured remote interviews over Zoom

  • Survey to understand preferred file sharing services and gaps in experience


2 week Research sprint

Target Users

Survey: all Beta Testers + musician friends of Stakeholders

User interviews: Beta Testers with varied job profiles related to music viz. singer-songwriters, producers and session musicians

Participant information


User Interviews:

filesharing_survey profile.png
filesharing_interview profile.png

Findings and Insights

From Survey


1. Google Drive, WeTransfer and Dropbox were the preferred file sharing services of the survey participants.

2. The top features that the participants liked about their current service were: 

  • Easy to share

  • Storage space

  • Shared folders

3. The top features that the participants wanted from a file sharing service were:

  • Easy to use

  • Faster upload speeds

  • More storage space

  • Ability to comment

file sharing services.png
filesharing expectations.png
noun_Light Bulb_21457.png

From User Interviews

Research Question

How, when and why do users share files?

noun_Light Bulb_21457.png

1. Every file sharing service lacked one or more features that the participants expected and their work-around was to use different file sharing services:

  • depending on who they were working with

  • the type of files they needed to share. For ex. WeTransfer exclusively for larger files or WAV files because the other services did not support sharing larger files

​2. Files are shared back and forth after every small change.


3. Files are shared for feedback, guidance and updates.


noun_inverted commas_766075.png

iCloud is good when I am working with one or two people at a time, when there are more people, Google Drive is better.

Research Participant

noun_inverted commas_766075.png

Sometimes there would be 10 different versions of the same song with minor tweaks that we send back and forth.

Research Participant

Research Question

What do users expect from a file sharing service?

noun_Light Bulb_21457.png

1. The user interviews reinforced the insights from the survey.

​2. The top features that participants expected from a file sharing service were:

  • Good storage space

  • Good upload speeds

  • Shared folders

  • Easy to use

  • Ability to add a description to the file

  • Ability to comment on the file

  • Ability to communicate on live feed while sending a file

  • Easily accessible by everyone

  • Organized


noun_inverted commas_766075.png

It is nice to communicate about the files I am sending. But when I am using iMessage, I am also sending messages that are unrelated to the project. So it's not a place where the conversation is exclusively around the music we are creating.

Research Participant

noun_inverted commas_766075.png

The ideal file sharing service would be a mix between Google Drive and iCloud. Google Drive's organization with no size or storage limit.

Research Participant

Research Question

What are the challenges related to file sharing?

noun_Light Bulb_21457.png

1. While working remotely, files that are shared back and forth with minor tweaks, are hard to keep track of.

​2. Juggling between 2 or 3 file sharing services for different needs is frustrating.

3. With size limits, compromising on quality by sending an mp3 file in place of a WAV file (better quality) is limiting.

4. Making sure everyone has access to the files in Google Drive is unnecessarily complicated.

5. Not everyone uses file sharing services such as Dropbox, so there could be an issue with accessibility.



Strategy for MVP

noun_Dart Board_1536320.png
  • Retaining the flexibility of using different file sharing services, provide an option to share links from these services

  • Enable including a title, description and tags related to the linked file

  • Auto-organize all links related to a song in a separate tab

  • Enable commenting on the links

  • Enable sharing the link along with details directly on to the feed

Strategy for final product vision

noun_Dart Board_1536320.png
  • In addition to the features in the MVP, build a file sharing service within the app that supports all the user expectations such as good upload speeds, good storage capacity and ability to send large files

  • Provide file sharing with all the aforementioned features as a premium subscription service, depending on feasibility of implementation

  • Alternately, integrate with Google Drive, Dropbox and WeTransfer, to provide seamless file sharing capabilities


Based on the strategy, I designed the file sharing feature for the MVP with:

  • an option to share a link on the feed

  • a form with options to fill out the name, description, tags and link to a session

  • auto-organization of the links in the attachment tab

  • option to comment on each link separately

File sharing design (3).png
file sharing 2.png


file sharing.png



After the feature was released, we received the following qualitative feedback:​​​

noun_inverted commas_766075.png

I like how I can have a full conversation on attachments. It's more organized this way. - Feedback received during a subsequent interview

noun_inverted commas_766075.png

Being able to upload attachment links was very useful. - Feedback received during a subsequent interview


  • Subsequent usability tests revealed that some participants were confused by the phrase "Attach a link" or were generally uncertain regarding what link referred to. We determined that adding the logos of the different file sharing services at the beginning of the form might make it clearer. ​

Project 2

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