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I am Anu,


A passionate, curious and eager to learn, User Experience (UX) Researcher and Designer, based out of Dallas. I believe in empathy, collaboration and critical thinking to come up with the best solutions for user problems. 


I moved from designing physical spaces as an architect to conducting evaluative research for user thermal comfort in buildings to researching and designing digital experiences as a UX professional.  I believe that empathy, compassion and kindness are my superpowers and they come in handy as a User Researcher. I have been described as having "a contagious desire to learn and grow as a professional" (see Testimonials) and I take that as the highest compliment, being in an ever-evolving field such as UX.

Thank you for visiting my site. I am excited to share my work and professional journey with you.



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Anu was a central piece in our team, joining early and quickly iterating on UX theory to identify the parts applicable to our resource-limited and quickly changing startup. She proved to prioritize effectively, making sure every step had a clear and digested outcome that was immediately useful to her stakeholders. Given her curiosity into other areas of building a product, I have no doubt she will become the go-to when it comes to translating concepts between various parts of the team. Last, while her day-to-day absence will be deeply felt, her hand-off is such that we are left with a very clear view of her tasks, and can easily take it from there.

Walid van Boetzelaer - CTO and Co-founder at Reveel Tech

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Anu shows up to the job prepared and with a contagious desire to learn and grow as a professional. She has a natural ability to translate user research theory into practice and is a true team player.

Adrien Stern - CEO and Co-founder at Reveel Tech

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Anu was an incredibly diligent teammate when we worked together on a mobile app (cARt) for SMU’s UX Design certification program. Along with being organized, she is able to stay focused on the main objectives throughout the whole research and design process - thus, she was very helpful in helping our team stay on track in meetings and our project timeline. She acts proactively and takes initiative in planning, as well as asking all the right questions. Furthermore, her inquisitive nature and prior experiences with research enable her to create effective, intentional designs. I believe she will be impactful in any team or opportunity.

 - Janice Fabunan - team-mate at SMU's UX Certificate Program

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I had the pleasure of working together with Anu during our certification program at SMU, where we designed a Grocery shopping app with Augmented Reality. She possesses great vision for user-centered design and her insights into our research were invaluable. She is incredibly talented at communicating her thoughtful ideas that helped our team in making better decisions. During the process, I found her proactive, dynamic, perfectly organized and hard-working. She was very comfortable and her willingness to work closely with others makes her a valuable team player.

- Vibhanika Ravichandran - team-mate at SMU's UX Certificate Program


high-level design process.png

UX Framework

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Research framework


Selected work

Reveel - Music Business app

Project 1

Research to investigate low Weekly-Active- Users + Design outcomes
Role: Research, Strategy and Design

Project 2

Generative research to understand  behavior and pain-points associated with File sharing + Design outcomes
Role: Research, Strategy and Design

Academic Projects

Academic projects

Project 3

Texas Department of Public Safety Experience - Research and Redesign
Role: Research, Strategy and Redesign

Academic projects

Project 4

CART - Grocery Shopping app
Role: Research, Strategy and Design
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